Lumiventt Technology – Discover a DMCI Innovation that Offers Enormous Benefits

You continue catching wind of it a great deal — the Lumiventt Design Technology that makes your DMCI Homes condominium a prime space to live in. Be that as it may, what precisely is it and how is it useful for you?

Joining the words lumen (which means light) and ventus (which means wind), the Lumiventt Design Technology is a keen designing element that empowers common light and natural air to diffuse through the townhouse building and all its unit spaces, which additionally gives you beneficial outcome on your wellbeing. This is made conceivable by sky porches, breezeways and vents at the two sides of the building, and 3-story high openings at the front and back — all cooperating to make cross-ventilation utilizing essential standards of wind current. There are additionally the focal garden chambers and single-stacked passages to additionally upgrade the open feel of the insides.

How precisely does the plentiful supply of regular light and outside air enhance apartment suite living for you? What are its advantages?

Brings fresh air indoors

Individuals are regularly adapted to believe that open air has its numerous dangers, from occasional hypersensitivities to contamination. What numerous don’t understand is that there is such an unbelievable marvel as indoor air contamination and that it can be 10 times more terrible than what you get outside. The essential guilty parties are insufficient ventilation, shape, individual items, and family chemicals. All these can be cured by satisfactory ventilation.

For one, appropriate ventilation can help control the convergence of unstable natural mixes inside. VOCs are discharges from family unit chemicals that can get harmful when in high focuses. Tidy, dust, and different aggravations can likewise be sifted through by satisfactory ventilation.

Legitimate ventilation likewise guarantees your body gets enough oxygen to work appropriately. Your white platelets will have the capacity to complete a superior occupation battling and eliminating germs and microscopic organisms. Your lungs’ aviation routes will have the capacity to widen all the more completely and do ideal purging of the organ. In a filthy domain, your body will be compelled to work harder for the oxygen it needs, which can be hindering in the event that you have hypertension.

Exposes you to sunshine vitamin

Introduction to regular light gives you a chance to douse up some vitamin D. Your body changes over daylight into chemicals that change into vitamin D, which has numerous essential capacities. For one, it cultivates the retention of calcium, taking into consideration better improvement of bones and teeth. It additionally enhances your invulnerable framework, fortifying your protection from specific sicknesses. Vitamin D insufficiency could prompt the advancement of bone variations from the norm, for example, osteoporosis and osteomalacia. A portion of the primary driver of the inadequacy are utilizing sunscreen, having darker skin, and living in zones where structures square daylight.

Later investigations uncovered that vitamin D lessens the danger of building up various sclerosis and coronary illness. It likewise keeps certain kinds of malignancies, and can add to the treatment of disarranges like a mental imbalance and endless torment.

Introduction to common light likewise lessens the danger of partial blindness and enhances the creation of dopamine, which is basic to the improvement of the eyes.

Helps you get better sleep at night

Plentiful supply of common light likewise helps help evening time rest around evening time. Studies demonstrate that individuals who are not presented to light create less melatonin, a hormone that causes you get some nap around evening time. This hormone is receptive to light, with more delivered toward the night as you are preparing to rest. As light sneaks in your room early in the day, your body’s level of melatonin drops.

Anomalous low levels of the hormone can likewise result to crankiness, and in addition diminished levels of the chemicals that assistance your body repair its DNA. The changed cells can prompt disease.

Lumiventt Design Technology assumes the essential part of ensuring despite everything you approach normal light even as you live in a solid structure.

Keeps stress at bay

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Exposure to fresh air helps lower your cortisol levels. Your body releases Cortisol when you are stressed. This stress hormone has crucial functions for your body, such as regulating blood sugar and energy levels. But it has negative effects when sustained at elevated levels for extended periods. Some of these effects are insomnia, mood swings, excess body fats, and muscle breakdown. Alongside decreasing the levels of cortisol in your body, fresh air also helps release your happy hormones.


Helps you lose weight

Your metabolism increases as you get more supply of oxygen. This means you lose more weight. This is especially true when you are engaged in a rigorous activity. As your muscle activity increases, your body requires more energy while it burns calories. The higher levels of oxygen helps you sustain the energy to keep burning calories. So beyond just taking advantage of the well-ventilated interiors of your condo, take the time to venture out further into your landscaped walking pathway and burn those fats by enjoying a jog or a brisk walk.


Gives you a sense of clarity

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Your brain requires about 20% of your body’s oxygen supply to properly function. Inadequate supply of energy can result to clouded thoughts. You will find it difficult to focus. Ample supply of fresh air can help bring a sense of clarity to your thoughts and allow your brain to function better and think sharper. This makes adequate ventilation for your indoor space highly desirable.

These are just a couple more reasons for you and your DMCI neighbors to love your condo community. Go and make the most of what your condo has to offer!

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